Achieving Meeting Equity

Hybrid work is on the rise. How do you create a more inclusive, collaborative, and healthy working environment for all?

Microsoft Signature Teams Room

Today, more than half of all meetings are hybrid, and conference room designs are being reworked for everyone, remote and in-person. So now that we're all comfortable with turning our cameras on and making sure we're not on mute, Microsoft Teams brings us to the next level in creating a space that matters.

Introducing the Microsoft Signature Teams Room. The latest conference room at Intereum has been equipped with the meeting experience to create eye-to-eye contact with remote participants, organize displayed content, and support collaboration with in-room participants and those on the virtual side.

Solutions Showcase

We recently hosted a three-day open house highlighting cutting-edge audio visual solutions and equitable experiences within the workplace. Visitors were treated to the latest and greatest advancements in the industry, with a focus on topics such as hybrid work, meeting equity, and the importance of audio visual tools in regard to employee wellness.

During the event, our in-house team of experts demonstrated the latest in video conferencing equipment and interactive display solutions from leading brands, including Avocor, Salamander, Shure, and Absen. Within each room that was showcased, guests were able to see first-hand how different tools and technology can help level the playing field, including intelligent cameras that automatically focus on whoever is speaking and microphones that pick up even the quietest of voices.

Creating a frictionless experience for in-person and remote participants with holistic, easy-to-use, manage, and deploy solutions is essential. Our team of in-house experts provides the stepping stones needed to begin the conversation around how to create a destination!

AV Solutions Showcase with Microsoft Signature Teams Room

Earn the Commute

Work is what we do. Not where we do it. 80% of employees surveyed want flexibility in where they work, and 94% of employees surveyed want flexibility in when they work.

Embrace a Flexibility Strategy

In a time of global uncertainty, flexibility is critical. With a flexibility strategy, you can align your place design, technology, and policies to support desired work experiences better, delivering benefits for your people and your organization.

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