Our EdSpaces Experience

Explore the latest trends in education design as we recap our favorite products from this year's event and how they are reshaping the future of learning environments.

Ed Spaces

In the dynamic landscape of education, the human-centered design paradigm stands as a transformative force, reshaping how we conceive, create, and deliver learning experiences.

Let's delve into the latest excursion our specialists took to the EdSpaces Education Conference where we soaked in the advances and innovations the contract furniture industry supports.

The way children learn and their classroom needs are rapidly changing as the world around them constantly evolves. Kids today face a new age of technology-based learning, which has shifted their abilities to focus and concentrate. Still, technology isn't going anywhere, so how can we develop future classrooms to fit their minds? We found at EdSpaces that providing safe, inclusive, and active spaces will enhance the student experience and improve learning.

From the sessions we attended, we observed topics about children's social and emotional well-being as a top priority. From Cuningham's extensive research on trauma-informed design, they discovered that classrooms with minimal stimulation and many opportunities for collaboration and choice benefit the classroom environment while helping students feel more connected to the space.
Of course, furniture plays a large part in these changes. The upgrade from rows of desks and chairs to modular, vibrant, and ergonomic options contributes significantly to the overall positive atmosphere.

Want to know which pieces we're most excited about? Below are a few pieces featured at EdSpaces this year that made our favorites list:

Series rebound 02

Rebound™ Multi-Purpose Chairs by Global

Form follows comfort in Rebound™, an innovative multi-purpose chair, featuring a patented flex back that provides an unexpected level of support. This versatile chair facilitates unrestricted back movement, and encourages focus and engagement

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Rolling Hill Bench by Fomcore

This piece is unique and playful for any school space. Putting multiple together in a circle or row gives kids the opportunity to climb around the various heights to find the right space to hangout in

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Cocoon Joyn

Cocoon & Joyn Collections by A2S

The COCOON seating element brings relaxation to daily school life, creating a comfortable room ambiance, while the JOYN floor mat seamlessly complements activities like reading, individual work, quiet tasks, or afternoon relaxation, fitting well into all-day concept classrooms.

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Screen Shot 2023 11 21 at 11 47 40 AM

Moment Boards by Makr

Prioritizing agility with lightweight materials and intentional touch points, it ensures easy maneuverability with a light feel, while elegant accessories promote customization, personalization, and offer storage with biophilic elements, enhancing the timeless design.

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