Big Brothers Big Sisters

Optimizing a work and community space to enhance the team's ability to support local youth.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters is all about creating connections. The team at Gensler designed their new space to serve as a hub for collaboration and connection — bridging the gap between a dynamic workplace and a vibrant, welcoming space to support the local youth this organization serves. Our team worked closely with the design team at Gensler to execute this vision. Despite delays and a lot of remote design work due to COVID, the new office came together to showcase bright and comfortable collaborative areas including various lounge settings, a multi-use cafe, phone rooms, private offices, and desking to support the resident workers. The various meeting spaces were outfitted with Crestron Flex for Zoom, enabling seamless internal and remote collaboration, and Shure audio solutions to enhance the conferencing experience. Their new home is the perfect balance of character and function to welcome back both the staff and the youth they support.

A+D Firm: Gensler
Construction: Greiner Construction
Completed: 2020
Location: Minneapolis, MN

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