Clark Engineering

Clark Engineering had paramount goals to have their workspace advance them in multiple ways.

lobby with dark stone tile floors and walls, large desk of wood and white panel, Clark Engineering neon sign, TV, chairs and table, view into desk space

Understanding that there has been a shift in how people work, the team at Clark Engineering wanted a space that would support multiple generations, create collaboration among staff, and appeal to the top talent in their industry.

“Clark was looking for professionals to help us create a space that would reflect our creativity and collaborative approaches to solving complex problems. We found that in the extensive experience, listening skills and passion of Intereum.” Doug Fell, Clark Engineering

Partnering with Pope Architects from the beginning, Intereum supported the design process by guiding Clark Engineering through a Herman Miller proprietary Living Office Discovery Session. This engagement created a personalized report to help inform the work landscape and furnishing solutions. Everyone’s devotion and input delivered a space that offers choice, fluid interactions, and technological advances to achieve their goals.

“I enjoyed the partnership and collaboration we shared with Intereum and Herman Miller during this project. The Discovery Session’s comprehensive report helped push Clark to think outside the box and provide support for the decisions that were being made." Erica Larson, Pope Architects