Taking on change as an opportunity to reset.

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Colliers saw an opportunity to use change as a means to reinvigorate their office culture, welcome clients, and retain talent. They partnered strategically: NELSON Worldwide took the lead on architecture and interior design, Crawford-Merz drove construction, and Intereum spearheaded furniture and partnered with NELSON on furniture finishes, all in a joint effort to help rejuvenate their office space and positively impact their teams. The goal was to create an open, inviting space that supports professionals and serves as a great venue in which to host guests.

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They moved their offices to locations at the West End and downtown Minneapolis to set the tone with more energetic surroundings. Our team worked closely with Colliers to develop workstations and private office layouts that are easy to reconfigure, making their space nimble for change and growth. Each desk was outfitted to promote wellness; they feature ergonomic chairs, sit to stand desks, and adjustable monitor arms.

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Their new offices feature more meeting spaces with variety of size and function for professionals and guests. Our audio visual team outfitted these spaces with intuitive technology solutions that enhance collaboration, making work more dynamic and creating an environment that is more supportive to the range of daily activities.

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