League of Minnesota Cities

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It was important to the League of Minnesota Cities to partner with a team they trust to understand their workplace needs and optimize their floorplate. BWBR was selected as the A+D firm and led the project. Our team worked closely with BWBR, collaborating at each step in the process to execute the design vision.

This project started with a discovery session to determine the right solutions to create an environment that accommodates employees and members alike. We met with all of the League of Minnesota Cities' internal teams and completed a seat study to understand the functions and needs of the various groups. Starting with a pilot area allowed their team to assess initial solutions and consider adjustments for the long run – it was great information that guided final decisions for the space to increase utilization and employee engagement.

Leveraging our three service lines, furniture, modular walls and audio visual, we were able to deliver a turnkey solution that addressed everything from workstation layouts and upgraded conference rooms down to the indoor signage and trash receptacles. Keeping the suite of solutions in-house streamlined the communication around all these moving parts and ultimately simplified the process for the client.

The League of Minnesota Cities’ new space is completely transformed. A reorganization of the floorplate brought adjacent teams together and opened up the office. Our AV team deployed a suite of updated technology solutions. Maars Walls capitalized on the fantastic natural light, brightening private offices and conference rooms. Our extensive furniture offering delivered the support and variety their teams wanted for both individual work points, collaboration areas, and amenity lounges.

A+D Firm: BWBR
Contractor: RJM
Completed: 2020
Location: Shakopee, MN