Life Time Headquarters Expansion

Life Time's growth and new ventures culminates in their new headquarters expansion.

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Life Time has fundamentally changed how people view what being healthy means.

From tremendous growth in clubs around the country and developing co-working locations to being on the cusp of opening a new line of living amenities, Life Time is at the forefront of a healthy lifestyle brand.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that their campus headquarter's expansion considered every facet that would embrace a highly comfortable, supportive, and healthy work environment for their employees. Their latest project is a representation of their growth and new ventures, and, as their trusted furniture vendor, they engaged our team early to make their project dreams a reality.

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It’s not often that you walk into an office and have an immediate sense of sophistication and coziness. Similar in design to the recently completed Life Time Work locations, the residential-feeling design aesthetic is just one aspect of their new state-of-the-art facility that makes the space really stand out.

Variety was important to the workforce and the new offices provide all employees with plenty of choice. Every desk is outfitted with storage to keep areas organized, and for ergonomic comforts, dual monitor arms and height adjustable desks were installed. The floorplate is balanced with assigned work points, meeting rooms of all sizes and postures, casual meeting points, lounge areas, and numerous Framery pods for sound privacy. Intereum worked hand-in-hand with the internal team at Life Time to furnish the space with an ideal mix of tools and settings to support the wide variety of work activities.

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Natural light is vital in keeping office spaces energized and welcoming. Maars modular walls play an integral role in the bright, welcoming spaces in Life Time’s campus. All the private offices and conference rooms utilize beautiful Maars glass fronts that flood the space with natural light. The streamlined aesthetic and minimal profile dimensions lent themselves to a sleek wall solution, and the dynamic segmentation of the Carré system fit perfectly in the holistic design aesthetic.

Maars’ product lines also integrate seamlessly with our audio visual solutions, both visually and technically. This comes to life in the new conference suite. The blend of walls, technology, and furniture in these collaborative spaces required a high level of communication and coordination to execute. The technology is recessed into the wall solution and integrated to connections in the conference table. And that’s just the beginning of what our audio visual team was able to accomplish.

Life Time’s objectives for technology changed mid-project, shifting from a Poly-based solution to a Cisco-based solution, and our team was able to adapt on the fly and quickly redesign the system. Now, every room, private office, and meeting space has support for Cisco WebEx. The cool part? WebEx proximity technology enables the rooms to know when the users have arrived and automatically turns on the Samsung display. The users can either click-to-join to start their meeting or utilize WebEx AI to verbally tell WebEx to start the meeting. Hands-free means one less pit stop for hand sanitizer.

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State-of-the-art boardroom at Life Time Headquarters Expansion

The pièce de résistance is the boardroom. It features a Crestron controlled Cisco solution, the walls outfitted with four 85” commercial displays. The elegant horseshoe conference table showcases eleven 22” retractable monitors, which are programmed to automatically pop-up when content is being shared from any of the five connection points. Also embedded in the table are eleven Audio Technical touch capacitive in-table mics providing crystal clear sound on the far end of a conference call. The room redefines a seamless technology experience.

Life Time’s headquarters expansion sets the bar for modern workplaces. The design intent is visible in every inch of the space and seeing their vision come to life with the flawless blend of furniture, audio visual technology, and modular walls made this one an exceptionally rewarding collaboration.

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