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Modular walls and audio visual technology were two integral factors in Merchant & Gould’s new office. Intereum was uniquely qualified to make their project dreams a reality, in collaboration with DLR Group, Cushman Wakefield, and Gardner Builders. Our teams stepped up to the challenge of streamlining their technology needs and executing a beautiful, unique architectural walls installation.

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As competitors bid for a multi-step AV solution, our in-house sales engineers determined this was not the best approach. If a solution requires a user manual, our AV team believes you’ve already defeated the purpose — technology should be intuitive.

Embarking on the quest to modernize and simplify the conference room experience, we delivered our proven enterprise workflow using Poly to present users with a Join button in each room. Users no longer need to guess or inquire with IT about room capabilities. They know, regardless of the room, that the workflow remains the same. Because the systems significantly reduce the amount of custom programming, IT is empowered to react to Tier 1 support requests, knowing Intereum’s Managed Services team will be there for escalation.

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Intereum stood apart as a strong candidate for their modular walls partner with our dedicated and experienced sales and design team. They engaged our team for a one-of-a-kind installation: the Fifth Street Towers features a unique curved exterior wall and our team was able to mirror this design by installing a cost-effective, segmented interior glass solution that follows the exterior curve. A glass modular wall solution was important to bring natural light into the space, as private offices line the exterior walls.

Acoustics were a top concern with a glass application. To safeguard their privacy, Maars' dual pane LaLinea solution was used on the conference rooms which can achieve up to a 48 STC rating. For the private office fronts, the team implemented Maars' Horizon single pane system with acoustic laminated glass and wood framed acoustic doors, with 36 and 35 STC ratings respectively. These two product lines ensure sound insulation and have some of the thinnest profiles on the market, resulting in a beautiful aesthetic, which combined with the performance, makes it unlike any other acoustic glass wall product on the market.

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The nature of Mechant & Gould's business requires a level of discretion and information security. Cambridge Sound Masking was deployed throughout the open office and private offices, which serves to keep noise distraction to a minimum but also as an added layer of privacy. Film was added to the glass walls post-installation to address visual privacy. Merchant & Gould can now work confidently in their bright, modern new firm with the reassurance that they are well connected and protected in their new space.

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