Office of Higher Education

Modernizing and adjusting a workplace for growth.


The Office of Higher Education was looking for a furniture partner that was nimble, creative, and able to deliver on a tight timeline. Intereum stepped up. Our skilled Higher Education team developed a timeline to keep the project on track and dove into the space planning and design. Leveraging technology, the team created many iterations of 3D typicals and a few fly-throughs to provide a live visual to help the client understand the space and how it was coming together. Our team made adjustments on the fly and catered to their design intent. Winther Johnson Robinson executed the overall layout and BWBR lent their expertise for a cohesive finish palette for the project.


Our space planning expertise allowed the Office of Higher Education to adjust their layout for their growth, while modernizing the workstations – they lowered the panels and provided more lounge and meeting spaces throughout the office. Our team even enjoyed the unique experience of working side-by-side with the Commissioner of Higher Education.

Exclave Meeting
Meeting Spaces

The result of this fast-paced, collaborative effort is a stunning remodel that is outfitted in smart and clean furniture solutions, delivered on-time and on-budget.

Collaborative Space2