Randy's Environmental Services

Family-owned business upgrades their space and surroundings.

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Randy’s Environmental Services set out to build a new space that embodies the warm, inviting culture they have developed within their family-owned business.

They sought a workplace that brought all their employees together under one roof, elevates their traditional look, and upgrades their customer experience. Together with Ebert Construction and Mohagen Hansen, we were able to bring their dream office to life.

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Our team had the opportunity to interface directly with Randy’s employees in a consultative process to be sure the workspace met the needs of the various internal teams. Functionality was a keyword in our discussions. It was important to find a balance between design and the various storage and ergonomic needs. Ultimately, we provided strategic storage options, sit-to-stand desks, Herman Miller seating, and a variety of meeting rooms to support the many ways they work. The space was designed with bright colors and warm, natural wood finishes to tie in the beautiful Minnesota landscapes just outside their windows.

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Our Audio Visual team delivered seamless collaboration technology in their many conference rooms and outfitted the café with bold signage for internal messaging. They also deployed a paging system and sound masking to address the concern of sound mitigation, which was especially important in the call center, giving peace of mind to employees.

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Randy’s Environmental Services’ new workplace came together beautifully. From the stunning grand entrance to the bright, open café space, you can now feel the warm and welcoming culture reflected in their office environment.

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