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Jeff Fritz, Revel Health CEO

Working closely with ESG, the A&D firm on the project, Intereum stepped in to provide furniture solutions that fit the budget and the design intent. For a start-up that anticipates significant growth in a short time period, a budget needs to be lean. Every furniture piece was individually assessed for design and budget, strategically saving cost in lower-traffic areas of the office. We worked diligently to make the workstation typicals easy to reconfigure, maximize the floorplate, and maintain a beautiful aesthetic. Because each department of Icario had such unique needs, they put forth a representative from each group to collaborate in the process and inform the furniture selections. This ensured all teams were getting the support tools and environments they needed to successfully do their jobs. The result is a renovated office space that reflects the energetic, cool vibe of their new North Loop neighborhood. Icario is ready for growth!

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