The Asher

Resourcefulness and flexibility make all the difference for the hurdles of lifestyle projects.

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The Asher is a triumph of strong partnerships and the ability to adapt quickly. With all their moving parts, lifestyle projects are already complex puzzles and this one was made more difficult when the pandemic hit in the middle of the process. But by staying nimble and keeping close communication with our partners, we were able to adapt quickly to the circumstances. Utilizing our state-of-the-art warehouse facility, our team redirected product shipments for storage when the project was paused for safety concerns and uncertainty. But, we remained flexible and were ready to move forward when the client felt comfortable giving the green light. Working closely with the dynamic team at ESG Architects, the amenity spaces at the Asher came together. ESG drove the design vision and Intereum streamlined procurement and execution, keeping a finger on the pulse of the project. The welcoming, eclectic spaces at the Asher are the result of great partners and resilience.

A+D Firm: ESG Architects
Developer: Reuter Walton
Project Completed: 2021
Location: Minneapolis, MN

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