Reimagining workplace technology to create an equitable experience in a hybrid world.

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Reimagining workplace technology to create an equitable experience in a hybrid world.

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How do we rewire our organizations to embrace flexibility?

Companies need tools that empower and connect employees, no matter where they're working. Click-to-join describes a technology experience designed to give everyone a seat at the table.

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Equitable Experience

Having intuitive technology solutions is crucial for organizations embracing flexible work. Click-to-Join is the user experience our team strives to implement for clients. It simplifies connecting virtually to a single click on the "join" button, maximizing the benefits of collaboration tools like Teams, Zoom, and WebEx.

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No More User Manuals

Intereum is anti-user manuals. Really. Ask one of our AV Specialists for an instructional user guide for your employees and you'll get the same response we got a few years ago: "If users need a manual, we didn't do our job right." If your technology isn't intuitive it's not the right solution.

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Attention to Detail

The details start long before the technology installs in your workplace. Our unique pre-commissioning process ensures all products are tested and approved by our experts before they hit the project site, saving our clients time and money. This helps avoid unnecessary on-site hiccups and minimizes waste. Everybody wins.

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Intereum Integrates

Working with Intereum to integrate your AV gives you an advantage. With all of our teams in-house, our experts coordinate internally to integrate AV with design, furniture, and modular walls for a clutter-free and aesthetic collaboration experience. Stay out of the weeds, we handle the details and prevent stress.

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Conference Care

Technology is increasingly pivotal to successful work outcomes and workplace solutions are transforming rapidly. We partner with clients long-term, long after project installation, to maintain current solutions and help prepare you for future trends. We ensure your technology support grows with you, so your teams stay connected.


Expanded Service

Our clients rely on us to deliver world-class technology solutions and support, no matter where work happens. Intereum has expanded our service to support clients across the nation. From the east coast to the west coast, we're able to provide the same caliber of insight and service to ensure your teams are never out of communication.

Our Work

See how we've transformed the way our clients connect.

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Life Time HQ Expansion

Creating a state-of-the-art workplace technology experience.

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North Shore Bank

Integrating technology with custom Maars wall solutions.

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Establishing an intuitive, universal workflow.

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Digital Solutions

Add a little oomph to your office with digital solutions.

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Conference Room Solutions

Create. Collaborate. Communicate.

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Unified Communications

Connect anywhere with UC platforms.

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