The Way Forward

The future of work is here and the world is scrambling to adapt. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but we know the way forward will embrace flexible work environments and policies. This curated list of research and insights will help bridge the gap to the new era of work.

Sulaco: An Office to Everywhere

Herman Miller has been preparing for accelerated workplace change with an extensive body of knowledge and insight around people and place. They took that knowledge and insight and created an engaging case study scenario that demonstrates meaningful ways in which organizations can embrace the new era of work.

See the workplace, reimagined.

Future of the Office

From better support for people working at home to dynamic workplace networks that offer people more variety and choice than ever before, organizations have the opportunity to greatly impact their workforce.

Read why we're excited about the future.

How to Safely Return to the Office

During this trying time, many businesses have been able to keep things moving. But with no clarity on a COVID-free world, it’s important to establish a new normal by getting people back to the office in a safe way.

Find out how to prioritize safety in your workplace.

Herman Miller Retail HQ Transformed

See what happened when Herman Miller Group Retail used a research-based approach to transform its Global HQ into a place where people can easily work together—in the office and beyond.

Learn more about their approach.

Welcome your space to the new era of work.

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