5 Reasons to Partner with Intereum

Optimizing your office doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Learn how we can help upgrade your workspace.

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Workplace optimization is like an onion: there are a lot of layers. Intereum can help peel back those layers and help you create the efficient, welcoming, and engaging work environment you’ve always wanted.

Choosing the right dealer partner is essential to successful workplace projects. It's essential that you find a partner that: clearly understands your project goals, informs your strategy with insight and research, and leverages the best solutions available with trusted manufacturers. Intereum is confident we are that partner. Here are 5 reasons you should partner with us on your next workplace project:

5 Reasons to Partner with Intereum on Your Next Workplace Upgrade

Looking to spice up the design of your corporate office? Do you need to integrate technology into your healthcare space? Here's what we're bringing to the table.

1. We’re a Certified Herman Miller Dealer

And we're the only one in Minnesota. Being a Herman Miller Dealer means we can provide the latest and greatest ergonomic solutions, research, and human-centered designs for any work environment. From learning spaces to the bank, we've got insights and products. The Herman Miller Dealer network is vast, which means we can handle projects of all sizes and complexities—wherever they're installing.

When you partner with Intereum, we streamline your process with one point of contact, one contract, and one invoice. Plus, because we’re a Herman Miller Certified Dealer and we’re passionate about helping your business thrive, we meet rigorous requirements and expectations.

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2. You’ll Get a Deeper Understanding of How Your Office Works

Our workspace analytics and monitoring tools provide real-time anonymous data collection, easy-to-understand insights, and much more. A few capabilities of our workspace analytic tools include:

  • Measuring space use
  • Enforcing policy
  • Tracking safety concerns
  • Making better decisions about space utilization

3. Our Architectural Products Allow Your Office to Grow & Change with You

Workplace dynamics are always changing. With some folks working from home, others in the office, and some doing a combination of both, it’s important to design an office space that can adapt and adjust with your organization. Intereum’s architectural products that can help create an adaptable workspace include:

  • Space Division: an adjustable way to delineate workstations, meeting spaces, and more
  • Modular Walls: a safe, yet inclusive, way to establish space, create a workplace flow, and provide privacy
  • OE1: a simple way for organizations to manage the always-shifting office landscape
  • Framery Pods: a stylish, smart, and soundproof way to work distraction-free in the office

Dive into the Intereum product catalog to see more!

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4. We Take a Creative, Detailed, and Personal Approach to Planning and Designing

Redesigning your office space is about more than just updating the visual aesthetics. For example, an office that has been optimized for the specific needs of your teams can eliminate employee turnover costs, boost morale, and increase productivity. Our priority is to make sure your workplace promotes collaboration, creativity, efficiency, and wellness.

And we practice what we preach. Meaning, we never try to design a workplace or sell a strategy we wouldn’t use ourselves. The Intereum Living Office is proof of that; it puts our knowledge, insight, and creativity into practice so we can show our clients the possibilities for their space.

5. We’re with You from Start to Finish

No matter what type of service we’re providing, we never set it and forget it. We are with you from start to finish to ensure the best outcome for you and your business—here’s how:

  • Workplace Strategy: with creativity and attention to detail, the Intereum team can help provide you with a safe and dynamic office layout
  • Audio Visual Solutions: we can ensure that your office is equipped with modern, intuitive technology to keep business running smoothly
  • Delivery and Installation: the experts at Intereum can quickly and efficiently take care of the delivery and installation process, on-time and on-budget.
  • Leasing and Finance Options: to maximize your investment, Intereum offers furniture leasing and finance options.

With these services, you can be confident that your new workplace solutions will be implemented with the industry's best practices. Our top priority is to provide you with the spaces you need to achieve and sustain your business goals.

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