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Intereum is the Regional Dealer for Maars Living Walls.

About Intereum's Modular Wall Design & Installation Services

Intereum introduced Maars Living Walls to the Minneapolis market in 2015 and has provided solutions to a variety of clients who've sought out a streamlined and clean product result. Maars has been manufacturing modular walls for over 50 years and the power of their solutions provide character and endless integration options.

Most recently, Herman Miller and Dealer partners have invested in Maars, bringing the company into the fold of Herman Miller's family of brands.

Clients choose Intereum for modular walls for three reasons.

  1. We know what we are doing. We have over ten years of experience in selling, design, and installing modular walls.
  2. We have a dedicated products team. Modular walls are different than furniture. Our experienced team brings insight specific to the planning and implementation of a modular wall project.
  3. We offer basic to high-performance solutions. We can achieve a value-based to high-end solution because of the product offerings available from Maars that use the latest materials.

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Intereum's partnership with Maars allows for a wide variety of modular walls and related products to choose from. Browse through our Modular Walls product category here.

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