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Find out how thoughtful, functional workplace design can impact business growth in the long run.

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Aesthetics are important in an office space. However, upgrading the design, technology, and furniture in your office is about more than “just” the way it looks. Having a visually appealing space that is optimized for the work you do – from the office or from the home office – can grow business in the long run. A great office motivates employees—and motivated employees drive business.

While many companies shift to a hybrid work model, striking a balance between in-office connection and remote workers, we understand how to optimize your workspace to better support individuals here and there. From room occupancy sensors, temp scanners, furniture solutions, unified communication tools, and more, we can equip you with the tools you need to bring your employees back together with confidence.

Get Your Team Back to the Office with New & Improved Conference Rooms

Looking to upgrade your conference rooms in order to preserve a seamless meeting no matter where you are? You’ll need a partner who understands the complexities of integrating audio visual solutions, furniture, and more.

Intereum has experience upgrading conference rooms in a variety of industries and understands that these upgrades aren’t one-size-fits-all. This is why our priority is improving your space, sticking to your desired aesthetics and budget, and upgrading technology for your specific needs.

Flex Space Solutions: Make Your Space Reflect the Work You Do

Your workplace should be efficient for the work you do. We understand that not every space, company, or need is the same. That’s why, at Intereum, we cover all the bases and get to know what you really need! Here are a few ways our flex space solutions can help your business:

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1. Audio Visual Integration

When it comes to audio visual integration in your conference rooms, there are a few questions you can ask yourself. For example: will your project need digital signage? Will you need to have video conferencing capabilities?

Whether you need to have video calls with folks working from home or international clients, Intereum can integrate the power of revolutionary equipment into your conference rooms. Collaboration and connection don’t have to take a hit just because you’re not all in the same room. With Intereum, you can host important presentations, be wire and remote-free, schedule a room to be the ideal climate, and more.
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2. Purposeful Furniture Solutions

The furniture in your conference rooms need to do a few things:

  1. Accommodate groups of different sizes
  2. Be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing
  3. Work in tandem with audio visual and technological needs
  4. Offer different options in order to combat worker fatigue

No matter the size or type of the project, Intereum can help make the most of your conference room through design and furniture installation. We’re here to make your workspaces inclusive and comfortable.


3. Modular Walls

Modular walls have the power to provide character, integration options, and, quite simply, look amazing. Intereum has over a decade of experience selling, designing, and installing modular walls, so when you work with us, you’re in good hands. Plus, our dedicated products team brings insight to the planning and implementation of every wall project.

Maars products use the latest and greatest materials which means we can provide you with quality solutions. We have the ability to integrate digital and analog tools into the walls, provide a high-level of acoustic privacy, and promote social distancing and personal space.

Spring into Your New Space with Intereum

Intereum only brings you the technology, products, and services you need. When you’re ready to bring your team back to the office and your conference rooms are ready for an upgrade, reach out to Intereum—we can to provide you with quotes or a consultation for any of our services or products!

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