Benefits of Architectural Products

Looking for ways to create an adaptable and flexible workplace? Learn more about architectural products.

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Now more than ever, the office needs to be flexible. The importance of having a dynamic space that is easily adaptable to shifts and changes in employee needs is only growing. Many organizations are paralyzed by the difficult task of predicting future needs of their workforce. Architectural products are smart investments that companies can make now that can support the fluid landscape of work in the future.

What are Architectural Products?

Architectural products are solutions that define space while providing flexibility to a floorplate—they are not permanent, but modular fixtures. Companies leverage these products to create meeting spaces, provide privacy options, establish a workplace flow, and support the variety of collaborative activities employees execute daily.

Here are some of our favorite architectural products:

Maars Living Walls

Maars creates modular, customizeable partition wall systems. Their stunning portfolio of solutions not only delineate space, but can provide acoustic and visual privacy, promote social distancing while encouraging inclusivity, and enhance productivity. By adding modular walls to your office instead of reconstructing your entire workplace, you can save time and money while ensuring flexibility for evolving employee needs.


Framery Office Pods

Framery Office Pods are versatile, fully-enclosed workspaces that can be used for a variety of tasks from private brainstorming sessions and phone calls to one-on-one collaboration and small group meetings. Noise levels can be impair focus and creativity in a shared space, but these pods are designed to solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. The best part? Framery pods can be moved at any time.


Herman Miller Overlay

Overlay is a system of freestanding, movable walls that helps you define your space. It can be outfitted with a variety of materials—like textiles, laminates, or markerboard—and has nearly endless configuration options. Use a single boundary as a room divider or use four walls to create an enclosed meeting space.

Overlay comes without the cost of prefabricated walls or burden of traditional construction. With just two people and in about two hours, a small application of Overlay can be relocated with minimal disruption to the ecosystem of the office.

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How Can Architectural Products Benefit My Business?

Of course, architectural products look great in any space, but that isn’t the only benefit to putting them in your office. With architectural solutions you can:

Save Time and Money

Products like modular walls and partitions allow you to rearrange and shift your workspace without completely redesigning. This means you don’t have to break the bank getting new products or spend time waiting for them to be delivered and installed.

Optimize the Space You Have

Architectural products allow you to adjust your floorplate to address the needs of your team's current workflow. They provide privacy, comfort, safety, inclusivity, and support productivity.

Adapt to Change

Whether you need to incorporate new employees into your office or you’re simply in need of a refresh, there are many conduits for change in the workplace. No matter why you’re rearranging or redesigning, architectural products are a smart investment.

We know Architectural Products

From strategy and design to delivery and install, our workplace experts are here to guide you every step of the way during your office optimization. If you want to learn more about how architectural products can enhance organization, contact us today! We look forward to helping you create your ideal work environment.

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