Nurturing Connection at Work

Culture is more important to employee satisfaction than ever and workplace design can play an essential role in enhancing connection.

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There’s no denying that the pandemic has forced many organizations to change the way they work. From working remotely to social distancing, enhancing and promoting connection and culture at the workplace has become more complicated during COVID-19.

However, just because the workplace has changed, doesn’t mean nurturing culture is any less important. In fact, it might mean just the opposite! Creating a space that’s inclusive, efficient, and welcoming, whether it’s virtual or in-person, is essential to a successful and thriving business.

At Intereum, we are passionate about optimizing the way you work by making the most of the space or environment you have. Improving workplace connection could be as simple as a change of design, updated furniture, work-from-home tools, or all of the above. For Intereum, transforming your space from ordinary to extraordinary is second nature.

What exactly is workplace culture and what makes it so important?

A company’s culture defines the way the employees behave and interact at the office. This culture is commonly defined by team leads and managers and communicated throughout the company. The “higher-ups” have the opportunity to reinforce, embody, and even dictate the beliefs and values of the company.


A positive workplace culture is beneficial to both the business and the employees. Employees that feel valued, empowered, and appreciated are more likely to perform quality work. Cultivating a favorable work environment impacts engagement, happiness, productivity, and more. Connecting at the office is just as important as driving leads!

No Employee Left Behind: How to Boost Workplace Connection & Culture

Even if the majority of folks at your office are working remotely, it’s still possible to create a positive culture and genuine connection between employees. Social distancing doesn’t have to lead to distant relationships! Here are a few things you can do to encourage quality employee engagement:

1. Share and show company values with everyone

Values form culture. Therefore, the values that you share and demonstrate with employees and peers will make an impact on the company’s goals and results. By sharing, showing, and encouraging your company’s values, employees will have a good idea of how and why the organization operates.


2. Provide your employees with the necessary tools

If your employees are not equipped with the tools they need to do their jobs well, motivation plummets. That’s where Intereum comes in. We’ve been helping organizations boost productivity and engagement with office furnishings, design,audio visual integration, and much more.

From corporate office design to modular walls and partitions, we’re confident we can give your employees what they need to flourish at work. Looking for ways to make the most of a unique office space? In need of office furniture delivery and installation near you? Intereum has you covered.

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3. Give employees flexibility

Work from home policies contribute to a flexible company culture that makes employees feel appreciated and trusted. In order to make working from home easy and efficient, provide your employees and workplace with Unified Communication (UC) tools:

  • ZOOM: From schools to hospitals to corporate office spaces, this easy-to-use tool is extremely popular. At Intereum, we can make this form of UC work seamlessly into your specific work environment.
  • WEBEX: If you’re in need of a tool with impeccable audio capabilities—WebEx is the best option for you.
  • MICROSOFT TEAMS: This is an extension of your Microsoft Office Suite. If your organization uses Microsoft Office 365, this UC tool is available to you at no additional cost. Need help getting started? Intereum can help.

4. Give and encourage honest feedback

Annual reviews aren’t enough; employees crave and deserve feedback. Most folks want to work somewhere they feel comfortable giving feedback as well. Creating an open line of communication between managers and employees is a crucial step in having a positive workplace culture. Employees and employers both deserve to feel trusted, appreciated, and understood!


5. Provide an enjoyable and comfortable space

Creating an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable workplace is especially important as folks return to the office. There’s a good chance many of your employees have become comfortable working from home. With Intereum, you can give them a reason to be excited to come back to work!

We can help plan and design a space that is comfortable, unique, and suitable for your industry. We’ll work closely with you to make sure we know the design, furniture, technology, and aesthetic you’re looking for. Our designers and staff will be with you during every step of your office “glow up.” Not only will your employees be comfortable, they’ll be proud to call it their place of work!

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