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Lacking that connection in the classroom? Enhance learning outcomes with smart planning.

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Classroom dynamics have changed—but the need for an engaging environment hasn’t.

Creating a safe, fun, and communicative environment in the classroom has always been important. However, in the last year, doing so has become a little
more complicated. Although normalcy is on the horizon, classroom dynamics have changed immensely due to COVID-19.

Some students are learning from their kitchen table whereas others are headed back to school—this means that classrooms and teachers have to be flexible when it comes to both types of students.

Although it’s true that lesson plans and school dynamics have changed, the need for an engaging and welcoming environment hasn’t. That’s where Intereum comes in. Our smart planning and functional furnishings and technology integration can help enhance learning, connection, and fun—even during this strange time.

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How to Utilize Design & Technology to Enhance Your Educational Facility

From broad furnishings to technology integration, Intereum can provide you with what you need to be successful in the classroom. In addition to optimizing the classroom, a great way to get the most out of your budget is to future-proof your entire facility. By using flexible, agile furniture, you can make the most of your space and your wallet.

We understand that education is more complicated now than ever—we’re here to help you navigate that with redesigning your space and upgrading the technology in your classroom.

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Design: It’s About More than Aesthetics

Redesigning your classroom is about more than just the aesthetic—although that is immensely important too! Our team of experts can design your classroom in a way that’ll not only inspire and support diverse learning styles but keep you and your students safe.

Sometimes classrooms and other educational spaces just need a simple change. We have a vast collection of state-of-the-art products and furniture that are great additions to the classroom.

If you’re looking for a bigger shift in your classroom, however, our educational environmental experts can enhance your learning space to best support both students and staff. A few next-level products we offer include:

  • Living Walls. These innovative walls are a great alternative to construction and a perfect solution for spaces where cleanliness needs to be a top priority.
  • Herman Miller Overlay. These partitioning walls by Herman Miller allow you to define your classroom space and encourage social distancing.
  • Shift & Thumbprint Tables. You can easily arrange and transform these tables into different shapes, allowing you to save space in the classroom.
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Technology: Connect with Your Classroom Anywhere

The importance of technology in education has increased over the years. However, in the last year due to COVID-19 technology has become a total necessity. The team at Intereum has the ability to integrate technology seamlessly into your classroom for a safer, simpler, virtual and in-person learning experience. Technological solutions we can provide to your classroom include:

  • Temperature Screening. As students return to the classroom, measures will have to be taken to ensure safety. Our temperature screening tools are easy to use and provide peace of mind.
  • Unified Communications (UC). Many of us have become familiar with unified communication tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams in the last year. Intereum gets to know you and your needs in order to integrate the best choice of UC software into your classroom. Whether you or your students are connecting from home, school, computer, or phone, we work hard to make the experience easy and accessible for all.
  • Audiovisual Integration and Management. When you work with Intereum, we make it a priority to ensure that your state-of-the-art technology works for you. Once installation is complete, we make sure you have a solid understanding of your new product. We’ll be by your side in case you need help, an update, or have any questions.

Ready to Rethink Your Classroom?

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