Office space planning and design is a team effort that takes creativity, attention to detail, and a thorough knowledge of your interior space and work activities. Our Workplace Strategy team provides guidance and exploration to help clients achieve their unique goals.

Inspire. Inform. Implement.

If you're looking for space planning or office design in Minnesota, Intereum has the resources and experience to elevate your space. Working collaboratively with the client team and their design firm, Intereum will develop, program, and execute the office space planning. Our designers have worked extensively with the MillerKnoll collective of brands, as well as many other industry manufacturers, to provide the latest industry products, solutions, and insights. From developing initial concepts through final implementation, our design staff translates the conceptual into concrete workplace solutions tailored for each client.

What we do for you.

Establishing a partnership with Intereum means more than just furniture. We bring insights, knowledge, preparation, and integration to projects with our product and tool sophistication mix. Within our showroom, we have the luxury of space for clients to experience the product, the process, and the partnership. The knowledge and experience that spans our 40+ years provide us with a proven strategy for projects in corporate environments, healthcare, government, education, and lifestyle projects.

An integrated partner and approach.

Environments in any market - whether new, remodeled, or consisting of a relocation - demand an incredible amount of attention to detail from the beginning. We collaborate and work alongside many vendors to deliver spaces that are comfortable and ergonomic, integrated and unified, and bring people together. Serving as a single-source provider, our furniture insight, technology crossover, and ability to package up an interior space makes it a tremendous value to clients to have a project team aware of all the happenings.

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